Monday, October 21, 2013

WSTR 87.9 7Star Radio

7Star Radio

The sun is not quite up yet; dreams enchant your mind as your breathing slows down, when suddenly your blissfulness is shattered by the sound of your alarm clock. You shuffle to your clock and turn it off while booting up your computer. Like every day you’re in desperate need of an energy boost, something to get you going. Before you step foot into the shower your music energy boost washes over you. Your favorite internet radio station streams from your computer, getting you ready for your day. WSTR 87.9 7Star Radio bringing you the music you love and the entertainment you deserve.

It began as vision and has now become a reality for the CEO and owner of 7Star Radio DJ Nuclear.  When you think about a radio station who better to create a station and run a radio station than a professional DJ. At WSTR 87.9 7Star Radio the music that’s played and the radio shows that are provided are about the listeners.  Centered on music variety, interactive with their listeners and high quality content are the foundation of WSTR 87.9 7Star Radio. You will find everything from popular music, live talk shows and DJ listener’s parties. 7Star Radio is dedicated to the love of music and entertainment. If you tune in long enough you will become a fan of the innovative shows and have a reassurance that WSTR will always provide a variety of great music. WSTR 87.9 7Star Radio is located on the High Society SIM at Star Struck Club and Lounge.

The best aspect of internet radio is that you can take it with you if you have a phone or digital device that can log into the internet. When you need your daily pick up or you need to feed your music crave log into WSTR 87.9

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